Divorce : what next?

Divorce : what next?

Divorce causes a major upheaval in your life.

Your life is turned upside down, regardless of who initiated the divorce or the end of the relationship.

Besides the emotional aspect, there are also a lot of legal issues.

1. Arrangements must be found for the children.

  • What about parental authority? Who gets to make what decisions about the children’s lives?
  • What residence arrangement will be applied? A weekend arrangement? A 10-4 arrangement or a 9-5 arrangement? What about co-parenting under a week-week arrangement? If the children are over 12, they will be heard anyway.
  • Where will the children be domiciled?
  • who will receive the child support?
  • should a maintenance contribution be paid for the children? Exactly how much should be paid?
  • what about extraordinary expenses, such as school fees, medical expenses and hobby expenses?
  • what about the tax benefit?

2. Urgent measures may need to be taken.

  • Who may continue to live in the family home pending the divorce? Who will continue to pay off the mortgage loan for the time being?
  • who may continue to use the car?
  • What about personal property?
  • should a personal maintenance fee be paid?

3. There should be a final settlement of assets after divorce (liquidation distribution).

  • Who gets to take over the family home or should it be sold? What about other real estate? Should living allowance be paid?
  • What about the mortgage loan? What about other outstanding loans?
  • what about money and property I already owned before the marriage?
  • what about money I received through inheritance or gift but were used for joint expenses?
  • what about the company?

The answer to these questions may depend on whether you are married under the statutory system or with a prenuptial agreement.

A divorce can be by mutual consent (EOT) or based on irreparable disruption (EOO).

Even in the case of a relationship breakdown after de facto or legal cohabitation, the same questions will need to be clarified.

How can we help you?

At Yprius Lawyers, we are the trusted person who will handle your divorce smoothly and correctly.

In the first instance, we always try to reach an amicable agreement. This way, the divorce is faster and cheaper.

Unlike a notary or a family mediator, we only defend your interests. We give you a clear view of your rights in your specific case. After all, every family situation is different. This way, we guide you towards the most appropriate solution for you, your children and your financial situation.

Moreover, as lawyers, we have the plus point of being able to negotiate in full using confidential correspondence. Indeed, confidentiality prevents an opposing party from disclosing its contents if an agreement is not reached anyway. Proposals can be conveyed to your ex-partner’s lawyer, which can never be used against you later.

Unlike negotiations with a separate mediator or a notary, you also do not have to start all over again if the negotiations get stuck and an amicable agreement proves impossible after all. We can then immediately start the legal proceedings for you, so that no precious time is lost.

Feel free to contact us with your question here. We will be happy to provide you with the solution!