Family law

At Yprius Lawyers, we understand that family law issues are sensitive and often complex. We aim to provide you with expert and empathetic assistance.

Why Yprius lawyers?

We aim for a tailor-made solution, taking into account the specific needs of you and your family. Our lawyers are committed, understanding and guarantee a personalised approach.

Please feel free to contact us ( for a no-obligation consultation. We are here to help you navigate the challenges of family law and strive for a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.

We are happy to help you with all family disputes.
  • Mediation: we guide you through a break-up after marriage, legal or de facto cohabitation. We aim to reach an amicable agreement as much as possible.
  • Divorce: we assist you during divorce proceedings with attention to both legal and emotional aspects. If an agreement is possible, we work out a divorce by mutual consent (EOT). In case a comprehensive settlement is not possible, we initiate proceedings for divorce by irreparable breakdown (EOO). Urgent and provisional measures can also be claimed in the process.
  • Children’s residence arrangement: you can come to us for all discussions regarding children’s residence. Together, we aim to find the best residence arrangement whether this is a primary residence, an evenly divided residence (week-week), a 9-5 arrangement, a 10-4 arrangement or a weekend arrangement. We always look for the arrangement that best suits your unique situation.
    You can also contact us for discussions regarding the exercise of parental authority.
  • Alimony: we advise you regarding the determination or adjustment of personal and child allowances. This includes discussions regarding the child support (growth package), the alimony contribution, extraordinary expenses, the child account, the children’s tax benefit, etc.
  • Family property law: you can come to us with any questions about cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, gifts between spouses, separation after legal or de facto cohabitation, liquidation-division after divorce…
  • Inheritance law: we assist you during the handling of disputes regarding estates, wills…
  • Guardianship: we are happy to help you with all questions concerning guardianship, the appointment of a guardian over the assets and/or the person, the appointment of a trustee, requesting authorisations from het Vredegerecht (the justice of the peace court)… Mr. Curd Vanacker and Mr. Marie-Hélène Debaere are also regularly appointed as guardians.