Real estate

Your real estate is an important part of your assets. Hence the importance of protecting it to the best of your ability.

Why Yprius lawyers for your real estate?

Apart from the emotional value that a property may have for you, the financial stakes are always considerable. We are your independent partner in real estate transactions.

We know the contractual aspects of a property sale – like a good estate agent.

However, we are also familiar with the steps to take when things threaten to go wrong. Waiting is usually not a good idea.

We are happy to assist you in all disputes concerning your property.

When selling houses and other real estate, it may happen that one of the parties no longer wants to buy or sell.

At that point, it should be checked whether all legally required information has been brought to the buyer’s attention.

Does the agreement contain all legally required provisions and has it been validly concluded?

It is possible that the agreement is null and void.

Is there any problem with the suspensive or resolutory condition included in the agreement?

Sometimes you need to force the sale of your house. In other cases, it is in your interest to pursue the dissolution of the purchase or sale.

Even after the notarial deed of sale is signed, problems can crop up.

If there are defects in the property, which the seller has concealed from the buyer, a claim should be filed very quickly.