You decide how much to pay.

Do you want result-based billing (success fee), a flat rate or an hourly rate (possibly with a maximum cap)?
At the start of the cooperation, preferably – and in any case at the client’s request – an agreement is drawn up with the client.

In this agreement, firm and clear agreements are made on how the fee and expenses will be calculated. In the interest of its clients, the firm often chooses to charge fixed (all-in) rates or to make the fee highly dependent on the result obtained.

If none of the above options is chosen, we work at an hourly rate between 80,00 and 180,00 euros per hour, depending among other things on the degree of specialization, the urgency and the result obtained.

Where possible, we recover all or most of our fee from the opposing party.


Costs include general office organization, secretarial services, continuing education, library, subscriptions to legal journals, law books, legal databases, ….

In case of a lump sum price agreement, the costs are included in the total price.

Second-line legal assistance

Pro deo

Our firm considers it part of its social mission to devote a limited portion of its efforts to the pro deo defense of clients who qualify. The absolute condition here is that the claim is not manifestly unfounded.