Criminal law

Both being suspected of a crime as being the victim of a crime have a major emotional impact. There are also significant legal consequences.

Therefore, if you become involved in a criminal case, it is important to consult a lawyer quickly. We can help you protect your rights and handle your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Yprius lawyers?

We handle your case with commitment and empathy from the first interview to the verdict. We understand the major impact of a criminal case on your daily life. We stand beside you at every stage of the process to achieve the most favourable outcome possible.

Mr. Marie-Hélène Debaere and mr. Curd Vanacker have completed additional Salduz training and are recognised by the Order of Flemish Bars as experts in assistance with interrogations.

Mr. Curd Vanacker and Mr. Marie-Hélène Debaere also both hold special training certificates in cassation and can therefore defend your case all the way to the Court of Cassation.

Mr. Marie-Hélène Debaere also holds the certificate in human damage assessment from KULeuven, a postgraduate specialisation in personal injury calculation.

Our services
  • Assistance during interrogation: both during police interrogations and before the investigating judge, the presence of counsel to advise you is necessary.
  • Pre-trial detention: if you are accused of a serious crime, you may be detained during the investigation. We assist you during questioning by the investigating judge and try to avoid pre-trial detention. If you are arrested, we defend you before the Correctional Council Chamber and the Chamber of Indictments (KI) with a view to securing your freedom.
  • Assistance during the criminal investigation: we assist you during the criminal investigation or judicial enquiry. Whether you are a victim or perpetrator, it can always be useful to gain access to the criminal file, demand additional acts of investigation, demand the release of confiscated property… We consider with you what needs to be done during the investigation.
  • Civil representation as a victim: we assist you as a victim when filing a criminal complaint. We understand that behind every file is a life.
  • Criminal defence: we cooperate and argue your case on the merits with conviction before the police court, correctional court and the Assize Court in order to obtain the most favourable result possible. You can also come to us as the victim of a crime, where we provide empathic and professional assistance in calculating compensation.
  • Appeals and cassation: we fully defend your interests, even on appeal and even up to the Court of Cassation. Our lawyers have the certificate of the special training in cassation and can therefore plead your case before the Court of Cassation.
  • Penalty execution: we assist you during proceedings before the penalty execution court (SURB) or penalty execution judge (SUR) to achieve limited detention, electronic monitoring or conditional release.