Invoice recovery

Our experienced team of lawyers is your accessible partner for collecting your receivables.

We understand that it is crucial for your business to receive correct and timely payment. We help you collect unpaid invoices in a professional and effective manner.

Why Yprius lawyers for invoice collection?

We determine together at the outset the best strategy to ensure that your financial interests are protected.

We only need your invoices and any general terms and conditions to take immediate action. Naturally, we will keep you informed of all steps.

In many cases, we can resolve your collection files on a no cure no pay basis.

You will have one fixed point of contact and a direct line for the collection of all your outstanding invoices.

As lawyers, we can recover outstanding invoices with regard to both private individuals (B2C) and entrepreneurs (B2B).

In consultation, an amicable recovery is usually initiated first. This is less aggressive than immediately sending a bailiff to your customer. At the same time, your client knows that our law firm’s registered notice of default is the precursor to legal proceedings if he does not pay immediately.

As mentioned, debt collection with us is tailor made.

Debt collection procedure

Invoice recovery

A collection procedure may proceed as follows. Naturally, we will keep you punctually informed of each step.

Formal notice

  • You transfer the unpaid invoice or invoices to us.
  • Yprius immediately sends a formal notice to the debtor by registered letter with a copy by e-mail.

Response of debtor

  • In 30% to 50% of the files we handle, the other party pays the settlement in order to avoid additional costs. Yprius forwards the outstanding amounts to you and recovers the costs from the counterparty.
  • If the counterparty disputes the substance of the claim (the percentage of disputes depends on the sector), Yprius consults with you and the dispute is resolutely refuted, with a last chance for the debtor to proceed to settlement.


  • If the debtor does not pay, a summons is issued. The summons leaves after eight calendar days (B2B), if the debtor is a company or after 15 calendar days (B2C), if the debtor is a consumer. The judicial officer serves the summons on the debtor and puts the case on the roll of the competent court.
  • Between 10 and 15 % of the files we handle are paid before the hearing after the counterparty is summoned.

Court hearing

  • Yprius prepares a bundle of conviction documents for the court (company court, court of first instance or justice of the peace). At the hearing, judgment is sought – possibly by default. We represent you at this hearing, so you do not have to be present.

Final statement and execution

  • If payment has not yet been received, Yprius makes a final payment statement to the other party, the payment is followed up and the expedition of the judgement is requested from the registry.
  • The judgment is transferred to the bailiff for service and execution by seizure of the debtor’s property and income.