Juvenile law

All cases involving minors are inherently sensitive. Children and young people should be able to grow up carefree, but we understand that this is not always the case.

Why Yprius lawyers?

Mr. Marie-Hélène Debaere and Mr. Curd Vanacker are both certified juvenile lawyers. This means that they have completed additional training specifically on all matters facing minors. We understand that the legal world is complicated for minors. Young people are therefore extra vulnerable and need appropriate assistance. We explain everything simply and help you step by step during the procedure.

Get in touch (mariehelene.debaere@yprius.be), get to know us and together we will see what we can do for you.

We are happy to help you with:
  • Assistance in police interrogation: a minor should always be assisted by a juvenile lawyer when he or she is interrogated by the police. Together, we prepare for the police interrogation and his presence during the interrogation itself.
  • Appearance before the juvenile court: we defend your case if you as a minor or as parents have to appear before the juvenile court, e.g. threatening a placement of the young person.
  • Troubled parenting situation (VOS case): if you, as a minor, are confronted with a difficult home situation, or if you, as parents, find that things are going in the wrong direction with your child, a VOS file can be opened by the juvenile court. We assist both parents and minors during this uncertain period.
  • Offences defined as crimes (MOF case): when minors commit crimes, this is dealt with before the juvenile court. These are the so-called juvenile offences or juvenile delinquency law. We assist minors as well as parents and victims during the juvenile court proceedings.
  • Measures imposed by the public prosecutor: young people are often given the opportunity by the public prosecutor to settle the case outside the juvenile court. We assist minors during contacts with the prosecutor’s office so that an appropriate measure can be found: restorative mediation, attending SOVA- training, community service, compliance with conditions…
  • Minor victim: if you are a minor victim of a crime by another minor or by an adult, we will work with you to find a just solution.