Traffic accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident, it is not always obvious to determine which party is at fault and who is ‘at law’.

If you are a vulnerable road user (zwakke weggebruiker), you are entitled to compensation for your bodily harm anyway – even if you were ‘at fault’.

Why Yprius lawyers for your traffic accident?

We advise you from our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of traffic law.  Liability rules hold no secrets for us.

Our advice is independent and drawn up only with your best interests in mind.

In many cases, by the way, you can rely on your legal assistance insurance to seek advice from our firm on your chances of success in the event of litigation.

This is the case even if your insurance does not follow your position, including through the objectivity clause.

How is liability for a traffic accident determined?

Liability for a traffic accident is initially assessed by what is filled out on the European Collision Form (EAF). Read how to fill out the collision form here.

Completing and signing a collision form does require that the parties involved agree on a number of key issues.

If the parties cannot agree on the sketch to be drawn, or if parties want to check different boxes, a European Collision Form (EAF) cannot be completed.

In that case, the police must be contacted.  Analysts can then come to the scene and make the necessary determinations.

In addition to the determinations, the parties involved and any witnesses will also need to make a statement for inclusion in the criminal record.

The collision form or the criminal record are the basis for determining liability for an accident.

In addition to these documents, the damage situation at the vehicles can also be critical in establishing responsibilities.

An initial consultation with us in such cases is always non-binding and for your further guidance our costs are usually covered by the legal expenses insurance, so this is free of charge for you.

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