Why Yprius lawyers for corporate law?

We understand your challenges as an entrepeneur and offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs. We stand for a personal approach and we always go for the most effective solution.

The result counts.

We are there for you when starting your business, drafting contracts and disputes arising from business transactions.

Curd Vanacker obtained with distinction the master-after-master degree ‘Master in Business Law’ at the University of Antwerp.

Our firm is proficient in the following matters:

General services

  • Corporate Law: strategic legal advice for companies of all sizes.
  • Legal Assistance: telephone assistance and legal advice for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Advanced Assistance: Legal Assistance extended with legal services and fixed consultation moments, tailor-made legal assistance.

Contracts and agreements

  • Drawing up contracts: agreements are tailor-made and should only protect your interests.
  • Review or revision of contracts: before signing an agreement, it is best to be aware of the
  • possible risks and pitfalls.
  • Drafting general terms and conditions: a little effort to update your terms and conditions can
  • save you a lot of trouble.

Disputes and liability

  • Dispute resolution: amicable where possible, judicial if necessary.
  • Directors’ liability: protection against liability issues.
  • Corporate indemnity: legal assistance with claims and compensation.


  • Domestic and international recovery of unpaid invoices, amicable and judicial recoveries.


  • Sale of trading fund or sale of shares: Support throughout the process, including legal due diligence.

Employment law

  • Employment contracts: drafting and review of employment contracts or specific clauses in the employment contract.
  • Dismissal law entrepreneurs: legal guidance in the event of dismissal.