Curd Vanacker

Curd Vanacker

Curd Vanacker graduated with honors from the University of Ghent in 1999 and became a lawyer.

Mr. Vanacker is a former president of the Conference of the Young Bar of Ypres.

He obtains a Manama in Business Law (Master in Business Law) with distinction from the University of Antwerp in 2008 with the master’s thesis “The real estate broker agreement”.

Mr. Vanacker obtains the certificates ‘special training in juvenile law’ and ‘special training in cassation proceedings in criminal cases’ and follows the supralat training (assistance in police interrogation).

Curd Vanacker teaches ‘contracts and mandates’ in the real estate broker training (Syntra West Kortrijk) and is deputy justice of the peace court of the canton of Ypres.

He is a member of the ethics committee of the Jan Yperman hospital.

Curd Vanacker has been a member of the Joint Committee on Legal Aid of the Order of Flemish Bars since 2022.